Tuesday, 27 May 2014

UFC Week 2


So week two has come and gone, and I am loving it. Not going to lie, it has been fantastic so far, and i can't wait for the rest of the weeks. I havn't started off this week too good, and both Monday and Tuesday i had really strong lingering headaches, but if you are someone like me, who suffers from migraines, if i was to do an intense workout with a bad head ache equals a migraine. The contstant jumping and squatting would not be good on the noggin.

Any who, I thought i should tell you this; I was prescribed some medication for my migraines, and I was on it for a course of a month. Within that month, I gained 5kgs. (gross) So when i went to visit my neurologist, he said yep, that medicine will do it to you- no wonder why i haven't lost any weight since working UFC, a good friend of mine started this and lost 2kgs within the first week. I understand that everybody is different, but by golly I was putting all my effort in, and for it to not budge at all? Are you kidding me?

So i have been put onto a new medication, and the Dr said now that i'm off that particular medication, i should gradually go back down to my normal weight, and will be able to really start losing weight!
Wish me luck over the next few weeks- I will be checking in every week and updating all of you!

I'll leave it at that for now, stay tuned for some updates!

<3 mishmsxo


  1. we hope you're feeling better soon. It's never great when meds give you side effects like those!


  2. Yes, iam starting to feel better! since stopping that medication i've already lost weight! <3mishmsxo

  3. I have migraines too. I hope that you will be better soon! I follow you via GFC and G+, follow me back? x


    1. Yeah they suck hey!! I am feeling much better and getting back to my normal weight! I have followed you and thank you for following me! <3

  4. Hey you! do not worry and take care of yourself!
    You have a cute blog, nice advises!
    have a nice day sweatheart ;)
    hope you like my blog too, see u soon there..