Sunday, 4 May 2014

Book Review: Birth School Metallica Death

What can i say about this book... Except that this has been a life changing book. I'm not exaggerating, Metallica are one of the most inspirational bands i have come across, based solely on their determination to become the greatest band on Earth. I am so grateful i came across this book randomly one day- when i really needed a pick me up because life was a bit shit back then, and through this book it has motivated me to reach my high expectations of myself. 

Birth School Metallica Death has definitely awakened my love for music, the sheer passion and enthusiasm that has gone into their work over the years, from insulating their garage with empty egg cartons to where they are now. The story behind this band in one word is phenomenal.
This book went into the depths of Metallica that i never expected. From learning the tragic death of master bassist Cliff Burton (may he rest in peace), to Jason Newsted being initiated into the band as a replacement for the opening of bassist. 
The detail in which the Authors delved into is surprising, revealing intimate details of the bands personal life. 

Metallica is the reason i now listen to heavy metal, and this book is a great read for any heavy metal fan, as it has inspired me to be creative and aim high in life, if you work hard enough for something, you will eventually get there. 

I cannot wait to read part two of the book, which is set for release soon.


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