Sunday, 11 May 2014

OOTD: Date night

Hey all!

Yesterday my boyfriend and I headed out to dinner and to watch Transcendence. This movie is a must watch! It was nice to get out of my apartment for a bit, and break in my new boots, which i must say are really comfortable, despite there being no platform. They will be my go-to boots this winter, i scored them for such a good price as well. They retailed at Sportsgirl for $129, and when they were first released i was ready to pounce, but then i decided to go against my heart and make do with the boots i already have. Then randomly one day i was looking online on Sportsgirl, and i saw these babies on sale, for less than half price. I got these for $60. I am in love with them. I went to have a look in store to see if they had my size, and they did, but my friend made me really think if i needed them, so the compromise was that if they were still there the next day, then it was fate, they were to be mine, with no regret. Best purchase EVER.
Must admit, not the most flattering of pictures, but by the time we left it was dark, and there's absolutely no lighting around.


Blouse: Showpo
Skirt: Showpo
Stockings: Sportsgirl- the best iv'e ever come across; they are very warm
Boots: Sportgirl
Necklace: Sheinside
Earrings: Pandora
Birth Stone Ring: Pandora
Gold ring: Unknown
Bag: Bluebird

                     Coffee whilst on a walk with Reginald & Jack in Rushcutters bay
           My little Reginald
 500ml Lowenbrau original bier

I tried to tackle this beast of a Pork knuckle and... I FAILED!.. I Tried!