Tuesday, 27 May 2014

UFC Week 2


So week two has come and gone, and I am loving it. Not going to lie, it has been fantastic so far, and i can't wait for the rest of the weeks. I havn't started off this week too good, and both Monday and Tuesday i had really strong lingering headaches, but if you are someone like me, who suffers from migraines, if i was to do an intense workout with a bad head ache equals a migraine. The contstant jumping and squatting would not be good on the noggin.

Any who, I thought i should tell you this; I was prescribed some medication for my migraines, and I was on it for a course of a month. Within that month, I gained 5kgs. (gross) So when i went to visit my neurologist, he said yep, that medicine will do it to you- no wonder why i haven't lost any weight since working UFC, a good friend of mine started this and lost 2kgs within the first week. I understand that everybody is different, but by golly I was putting all my effort in, and for it to not budge at all? Are you kidding me?

So i have been put onto a new medication, and the Dr said now that i'm off that particular medication, i should gradually go back down to my normal weight, and will be able to really start losing weight!
Wish me luck over the next few weeks- I will be checking in every week and updating all of you!

I'll leave it at that for now, stay tuned for some updates!

<3 mishmsxo

Saturday, 24 May 2014

My Week in pictures


I have had a super busy week as always, and little sleep, as always. But i thought i would check in and show you some of the photos of my week. Warning, Pic Heavy! So this week, I did have a couple drinks, but doesn't mean that i didn't work out hard! This coming week I am going to steer clear of alcohol and just stay indoors, work out, eat healthily and hopefully all will be well in the world!

My focus now will be to go out less, concentrate more on my blog & YouTube, also this will allow me to save money towards my new furniture. So very shortly i will be showing you around my apartment, of what it looks like now, and then what it looks like once every thing is set up! Watch this space!

Love, Mishmsxo

First outfit:
Dress: Gun n Roses oversized tee, Cotton on
Necklace: She inside
Denim Jacket: Lulu and Rose
Military boots: Rubi Shoes

Second outfit:
Blouse: Temt
Necklace: Sportsgirl
Skirt: Jay Jays
Shoes: Rubi Shoes

 First off, went for a catch up with a good friend of mine, and we went to this really cool underground bar:

 My first drink was the little silver cup- Which was the Tex Mex railway connect, and my friends one, in the rear is the Drugstore delight
 This was my second, a hangman's fizz
 This is my friends drink-Captain Mccoy's salebrious sling
 Then i met up with my brother, on the same night, and had a classic Mojito
 And this random drink which i can't remember for the life of me.
 My lovely coffee from Le Pain de Quotidien
 Poached eggs, smoked salmon on Rye bread
 And my outfit to go shopping:

 Dinner date with my boyfriend- to a local Italian restaurant- First off espresso Martini
 Greek Meat balls for Entree
 My Boyfriends dinner, Chorizo pizza with Caramelized onions
 My Dinner, Prawn, garlic and parsley pasta
 And dessert, which we shared, classic tiramisu
 And here's my outfit.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

UFC Fit- Week 1

So this week, I started out UFC Fit. Let me tell you, this is not for the faint hearted.

It took a lot of dedication, time and perspiration, but i got there in the end, and if i could survive week one, i can do this. In the events leading up to starting UFC Fit, i had gained weight through excessive eating of bad food, and lack of exercise. Week 2 i have decided, that i will be also doing some pilates/yoga, on top of UFC as i want to be healthy and happy! And get that Triangl bikini for myself, which i promised that once i lost some weight and got down to my goal weight, i would reward myself with it !

I was first introduced to UFC through a friend, and he had lost a fair bit of weight, so i just thought i would give it a crack. I have always wanted to get into UFC, MMA and Capoeira, but through lifes struggles i haven't been able to full fill those dreams. I will go into depths of this later, but to give you some idea, I had to have knee surgery, which was not minor at all. It involved re-aligning the bone in my leg to re-align my knee cap. I had my right knee done first, and left is due to be done next year sometime. It's put a real strain on me, as i cannot walk around easily, nor kneel.

So with this in mind, i didn't want to invest a lot of money into joining a gym, and when this was introduced to me, i thought, well it's cheap, and if it doesn't work then oh well. As well as this, i have fine tuned my diet, yeah every now and then i will indulge and have a glass of wine. This will seriously be very rare for me.

My diet used to be horrific,bad foods, alcohol, and i used to smoke. Now, I have quit smoking, ceased almost all drinking, and there are no bad foods in sight.

Week one of UFC was a great challenge, my knees did suffer a little, as there is a lot of squatting involved, but if i found that there was a move that was not possible for me, i altered it to suit me. I have now bought some knee grip, so that way when i am working out my left knee won't pop out of place (yes it is literally that bad). With week one down, I am seeing myself in the mirror as being less bloated, and generally less pudgy.

I feel as though it was a change that needed to happen- i was so run down, exhausted and just felt really crap. But now, i find myself feeling motivated, energetic and full of life!

I will be reviewing this every week, and filling you in on all the details of my progress. Wish me luck!

Bring on week two!


I will now leave you with this adorable photo of me drinking my juice! If i do say so myself!
Juice is Watermelon, apple, strawberry and passionfruit- freshly juiced!

OOTD: LBD-Long Black Dress


So today we went out to meet up with a friend who was over from China, and we basically just went to the pub. I decided i wanted to take the time to wear something nice, so here are a few snippets. I've been training very hard this week, and today i decided to have a glass of sparkling, and treat myself. My lunch was terrific- it had to be the healthiest on the menu, they had no salads or anything along those lines, but i ended up having lamb rump, with mash, dutch carrots, sauteed mushrooms and red wine jus. Delicious.
Let me tell you- I felt pretty sluggish and horrible after having alcohol, so when i popped into the shops, i got myself a carrot, beetroot, apple and ginger juice to help bring me back to my feet. 
Sorry i was running out the door when i snapped the main photos. 

Headpiece: Sheinside
Jumper: Sheinside
Dress: Showpo
Shoes: Target 
Thanks all and take care <3 mishmsxo

Monday, 12 May 2014

Protein Squares

There is all this hype over protein balls... But what about squares! No need to get messy rolling up the balls- just follow this simple recipe; and you can play around with it!

3 scoops protein powder (any that you prefer, i use chocolate)
2 Tbls Coconut oil

Baking tray
Baking paper

Add the protein powder to a bowl, and add in the coconut oil, if the coconut oil is solid, pop the mix into the microwave for 30 seconds or until melted. Once it has melted, stir until it forms a paste. This is when you can add other ingredients, add in some almond butter, goji berries, cacao nibs or coconut. This time round i added in some desiccated coconut and stirred it through thoroughly. Line a baking tray with baking paper, and tip the mix in and spread it out until it is all even, about 1cm thick. At this time, you could top it with any sort of topping (coconut, goji berries). Pop it in the freezer for 15 minutes, or until it has set ever so slightly. Cut into squares and keep in freezer, they are great to eat frozen, i eat a couple after a work out especially because if you have really worked hard you want something a little cold and refreshing!


Sunday, 11 May 2014

OOTD: Date night

Hey all!

Yesterday my boyfriend and I headed out to dinner and to watch Transcendence. This movie is a must watch! It was nice to get out of my apartment for a bit, and break in my new boots, which i must say are really comfortable, despite there being no platform. They will be my go-to boots this winter, i scored them for such a good price as well. They retailed at Sportsgirl for $129, and when they were first released i was ready to pounce, but then i decided to go against my heart and make do with the boots i already have. Then randomly one day i was looking online on Sportsgirl, and i saw these babies on sale, for less than half price. I got these for $60. I am in love with them. I went to have a look in store to see if they had my size, and they did, but my friend made me really think if i needed them, so the compromise was that if they were still there the next day, then it was fate, they were to be mine, with no regret. Best purchase EVER.
Must admit, not the most flattering of pictures, but by the time we left it was dark, and there's absolutely no lighting around.


Blouse: Showpo
Skirt: Showpo
Stockings: Sportsgirl- the best iv'e ever come across; they are very warm
Boots: Sportgirl
Necklace: Sheinside
Earrings: Pandora
Birth Stone Ring: Pandora
Gold ring: Unknown
Bag: Bluebird

                     Coffee whilst on a walk with Reginald & Jack in Rushcutters bay
           My little Reginald
 500ml Lowenbrau original bier

I tried to tackle this beast of a Pork knuckle and... I FAILED!.. I Tried!

Friday, 9 May 2014

Clean & Raw Brownies

Today i was in a baking kinda mood, so i decided to have a play around with coming up with a recipe for some clean eating brownies. This week has been a really bad week   of eating, so i decided to make a healthy alternative for when i have that sugar craving. This recipe is all natural, healthy and simple to make.

You will need:
2.5 cups of Pitted dates
1.5 cups of raw walnuts
6 Tbsp almond butter
3/4th cup of Raw Cacao

Square baking tray
Baking Paper

Place the dates into the blender, and blend them until they become a paste consistency. Blend in the Almond butter, until smooth. Next add the walnuts, and again, blend, finishing off by adding in the cacao powder and blending, this may take some time for the mix to come together, but it does eventually. If your mix doesn't budge in the blender, add a touch of water (couple drops) just to loosen the mix up.

Once it's all been blended and has a nice, smooth consistency, line your baking tray with the baking (parchment) paper. Tip the contents of the blender into the tray, and using a palette knife, smooth out the brownie, until it has been evenly distributed in the tray. 

Set in the fridge for half an hour, and once it has chilled, cut the brownie into 9-12 pieces, depending on the size of brownie you would prefer.

Have the brownies with berries, coconut shavings or if you want to make it naughty add some whipped cream!

Mish xx